Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ah, Thanksgiving.

Always been my favorite holiday, mostly because of the memories that this time of year holds for me. We would go to my uncle's house in NJ where my mom's side of the family would gather. Lots of people, tons of food, movies, football, crafts, board games, etc. My cousins and I would get up at the crack of dawn and bundle up the younger kids and go to NYC to watch the Macy's parade while dinner cooked. Getting up that early got tougher as we got older, since there was usually large quantities of alcohol of some sort involved on Thanksgiving Eve, lol. But regardless, it was fun. Then, life gets in the way, we grow up and graduate, move away and get lives of our own. We no longer get together in large groups for Thanksgiving. But those memories have created this image in my mind of something to live up to. I want to provide that same thing for my family. I want my daughter to look forward to the warmth and comfort and camraderie of family and friends at this time of year, and be able to list the things that she's thankful for.

Fortunately for us, we live close to my husband's family, and we get together often. I love that my daughter is so close to her cousins, it makes me so happy that we all get along so well. I cherish my family. So, that brings us to the first on the list of what I'm thankful for.

*My family. I'm very close to them, even though everyone is far away. And, my husband's family. They've made me feel so incredibly welcome.
*My husband. He's awesome. 'Nuff said.
*My daughter. Truly, the light of my life.
*My job. I know I spend a lot of time bitching about it, but find me someone who doesn't complain about their job. I'm grateful that I have a stable, well-paying job during these uncertain economic times. I do enjoy it. Mostly. ;)
*My creature comforts. House, food, clothes, cars. We are able to get pretty much what we want.
*My sense of humor. Because really, if I didn't have a good one, life would really suck.

For instance...I can accept that my store is open on holidays. If someone has an emergency need for, oh, I don't know...Immodium, or baby diapers, or a gallon of milk. That's cool. I can understand that (too bad if you want a prescription though, the pharmacy is closed). But why, in the name of all that is good,would someone go hard-core TOY shopping at a DRUGSTORE on a holiday?! Seriously? (and yes, I did just say "hard core toy shopping at a drugstore," lol) And then have the audacity to look at me with pity and say, "Oh, what a shame you have to be here today. Tsk :condescending pat on the shoulder: You should be home with your family."
Say what?
You mean to tell me that you come into my store, on a holiday, shop for a bunch of crap that is absolutely not essential, and then FEEL SORRY FOR ME THAT I'M WORKING!?! Thanks a lot, asshole. Rub it in a little more that you've already eaten and spent quality time with your family while I'm stuck at work. Awesome.

Thankfully, we stay open 365 days, so I can experience that a couple times a year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

This. Is a problem.

Every day, my daughter proves even further that she is 100% MINE. I swear, if I didn't know any better, I would think that she was the result of asexual reproduction. *chuckles*

The Sweetest. Moment. Ever. happened the other night. She was all bathed and ready for bed, and we were sitting in the armchair snuggling for a bit before I tucked her in. Suddenly and without any provocation, she snaked her arm around my neck, kissed me and said, "You're the best Mommy in the whole wide world." ::melts::

Sometimes it's all worth it. :)

Anyhow, the next morning she decided that we were having cereal for breakfast. She wanted Lucky Charms, so I poured her some. For myself I chose Apple Jacks, mostly because the box was nearly empty and I jump at any chance I get at making room in the cupboards. She has NEVER paid any attention to Apple Jacks. Ever. Until that morning...

S: "Mama, what is that in your bowl?"
M: "Apple Jacks."
S: "Oh. Are they good?"
M: "Sure. I like them."
S: "Oh. Ok. But I'll eat my Lucky Charms instead." (as she's stealing Apple Jacks out of my bowl)

Things proceed as normal. We ate our respective bowls of cereal. I did have to take her for shots, which I'm pretty sure recinded my title of Best Mommy in the Whole Wide World. Then, my Hubby came home, and I left for work. Later in the evening, Hubs calls me at work and sounds all serious.

H: "I need to ask you about something. Got a minute?" (and of course, I could tell that he's acting all serious for her sake, lol)
M: "Sure, what's up?"
H: "Sam said that YOU ate ALL the Apple Jacks, didn't save ANY for her, and...This is a problem."
M: (nearly peeing my pants, doubled over with laughter) "She did NOT say that!"
H: (laughing now) "Oh yes, she did say that! You ate all the Apple Jacks, and This. Is. A. Problem."

So, I composed myself enough to return to work and bought a new box of Apple Jacks to appease the Small Red One. She said that she'd be okay if I did that. Did she just *try* to get me in trouble, or is it just me?! LOLZ!

The next morning for breakfast? Corn Pops.

Fickle little creatures, aren't they?

This. Is a Problem. (a small glimpse into my future 10 years down the road, perhaps?)