Sunday, August 16, 2009

Red Puffy Eyebrows, One Silver Shoe, and a Barrel of Pretzels That Won't Open...

Sounds like a bad joke from the late show.
"The Answer is: Red puffy eyebrows, one silver shoe, and a barrel of pretzels that won't open. What's the question?"
"What are 3 things that Andi had in her posession at 4am Thursday morning?"

So, my cousin was getting married over the weekend. I found silver shoes that went perfectly with my blue dress, which is hard to do in and of itself since I have size 11 feet, lol. And besides, why is it that shoemakers feel the need to make size 11 shoes with 3 inch heels??? If my feet are that big, you can rest assured that I'm tall too. I already have a complex about my height. Let's not make me feel more self concious about towering over everybody else, shall we?

But I digress. Let's get the train back on the track. ;)

After much looking and praying, I finally found the shoes. Not the ones I wanted, exactly, but they were fine. I picked my sister up from the bus station on Tuesday, and that gave us all of Wednesday to get the car packed, shop for last minute things, get a mani/pedi, etc etc. While getting our mani/pedi's the guy doing my nails talked me into an eyebrow wax. Granted, I needed to do it, but I've never been waxed before. Only sugar and threading. Yeah, it hurt, but only temporarily. Little did I know my skin is SUPER sensitive . . . and I had an awful reaction to the wax. Both my eyebrows were swollen and red, and covered in little tiny bumpy pimply things. Sexay! I really thought they'd clear up quickly. Oh, how wrong I was.

After the torture session at the salon (the guy doing my toes also buffed off the cuticle on my big toe. Ow friggin OW! That hurt like hell!), my sister and I manage to get all the stuff we needed at the store, make snacks and pack a cooler. She decided that she wanted this barrel of pretzel rods for the 11 hour car ride, and I conceded. Pretzels are fine, as long as we have drinks to wash them down! In the car they went. Now, to finish packing my suitcase.

Except . . . one of my new silver shoes is missing. It was there earlier, because I tried them both on and showed my sister. We looked everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Under beds, in closets, in the hamper (she looked in there), dresser drawers, even in the dryer. It was like the damn thing up and walked away on it's own! By this time it's getting super late, and I'm really, really annoyed, and very tired. I was hoping that during my 2 hour nap that it would appear magically. Needless to say, it didn't. So, I grab the one shoe I had and pack the car. I figure, either it'll show up, or I'll have to get new ones (which we did, but that story warrants it's own blog).

We left around 2:30 am on Thursday. After driving for a while, my sister decides that she wanted some pretzels. NEITHER of us could open the barrel. It was crazy, the little pull zip tie thingy that seals it shut broke off, and we were completely unable to pry it open. She finally found a pair of tweezers in her purse and was able to somehow get it open. But it took a long time and about as much manpower that is usually reserved for demolition jobs or something of the sort. By this time, I'm dissolving in laughter, since this whole night has been a cluster, and literally all I can do is laugh! At least I didn't cry. I wanted to though, since my eyebrows hurt so badly!

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