Monday, September 14, 2009

Close, but....

We seem to spend a considerable amount of time in the car. This is when most of Sami's verbal "gems" make their appearance. A while back, she was all quiet, then said, "Mama, I'm not old enough to drive yet." *raises eyebrows* "No, you're not old enough yet. You're right." She was quiet for a few seconds, as if pondering this thought, then said, "Yeah. I have to be 5 before I can get my own car."

Haha! Right, 5 is so old. That might impact my auto insurance just a bit, methinks.

In the car is also where I first heard the song "Jesus is a cool dude" . . . sung to the tune of "We Will Rock You" and complete with the hand clapping, naturally. (She goes to a Christian daycare, hence the theme of these little gems)

Jesus is a cool dude,
40 days without food.
Then he wrote the Golden Rule, and that's OK.
He's got blood on his face (?!)
Thanks for His Grace
Spreading his love all over the place.
(sing it) We will, we will serve Him!
(or Love Him, or Praise Him, whatever she feels like saying lol)

I actually had to google that, because I just couldn't understand what she was saying during the Golden Rule verse. She's so cute when she sings it. lol. I still giggle when she sings it!

Then, the other day, we passed by a big church. Here's what happened.
S: "Mama, is that a church?"
M: "Yes. That is a church. A really big church."
S: "Yeah. That's where Jesus lives."
M: *smile* "Right. But Jesus also lives in all of us."
S: "Olives are really yummy."


Close. So, so close. I just love her so much. :)

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