Thursday, June 11, 2009

*That's* not a Right, it's a Privilege...

Working in the public allows me to see a LOT of things that are just ... well ... wrong. Years ago, when I worked at a small amusement park, we would see so many tragic clothing choices we had to start a list of "XXX is not a Right, it's a Privilege!" **

Topping the list: Spandex. Nowadays it's not as prevalent a problem as it used to be, as people have turned in their spandex pants for jeans that are so tight that they may as well be painted on. *shudders* So, for the current times, I suppose Skinny Jeans might replace Spandex. Whoever thought those would be a good idea for the general public ought to have their heads examined. Either that or only manufacture them in sizes 0 - 6 to save the rest of humanity from that particular torture.

Then I'd have to go with: Daisy Dukes. When it looks like you're wearing denim granny panties, there's something severely wrong.

Under the same heading, Bermuda Shorts. I love them, and wish I could wear them, but apparently you have to be built like a department store mannequin to look halfway decent in them. Le Sigh.

You get the idea. We'd sit there all day and watch the throngs of people walking around wearing very unfortunate clothing choices, and wonder, "Do these people own mirrors??"

Along the same lines, something I've noticed since moving back to PA last year: The Mullet is still living on strong here. Apparently they missed the memo that mullets went out 17 years ago. Even the She-Mullet can be seen around town, although it's a bit more elusive. Oh! And, I've even spotted a rattail. Wow. Really? A rattail?? Makes me miss acid wash. Almost. ;)

**Now, I realize that there is a portion of the public that can and do wear some of these things that I'm discussing, and look perfectly fine in them, but I'm merely pointing out that just because they exist does not mean that everybody should wear them.

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