Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now that you said THAT....

I've been slacking. I know. Holidays, family, picnics, fireworks, all that jazz. Oh, and work. Yeah, I do a lot of that too. Work is where I get a lot of my stories. People tell me that I have the funniest stories...but the scary thing is, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

The latest gem was from today. This customer was trying to buy some vitamins, and told our cashier that the coupons she was trying to use came from inside the boxes she was buying. The ones that say "good on your next purchase." She ripped open the sealed boxes, ripped the coupons off of the informational pamphlet (did something with the rest of the pamphlet, we never did find them) and tried to use them. Now, even my boss, who tends to be a bit lenient with the customers, was like, "WTF?"

You can't do that!! Those are for your NEXT PURCHASE. As in, you get home, open the box of vitamins, and get a pleasant surprise of a coupon! Yay! They want you to keep buying their product! Now you have coupons to save some money! But no. She went on to get angry and say how she's done it before and whatever. She actually said that if she didn't use them now, she'd never get the chance to use them. Umm....ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. Then, every time you buy them, you have a coupon because there's one in the box! She even went so far as to tell us, "Well, I was being honest and told you I opened the boxes..." Well thanks, now that you said that, it makes all the difference! *shakes head* She really wasn't getting it. So then, she refused to buy them, and we had to claim them out since the boxes were ripped and the pamphlets were missing. Oy vey.

Another funny thing in the past week...a lady came rushing in with a paper.
Lady: "Do you have a copier?"
Photo Tech: "No, I'm sorry. We don't"
Lady: "PLEASE!! I need this copied!! I'll pay you anything!"
PT: shakes head "I'm really sorry, we don't have a copier!"

There was more, but you get the gist. Umm...gee, now that you said that, I guess I'll pull the magical invisible copier out of the back room. Just for you. Since you said you'd pay ANYTHING...I'll take a kidney and your first born. Leave your pocket change too.

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