Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another New Year...

Where the hell does the time go? Good grief, we're already into 2010? Crazy. Personally, I am grateful that 2009 is gone. It was definitely not a good year for me, and I am looking forward to a new beginning, as it were.

So I've had the chance to reflect a bit and think about this upcoming year. I really would like to change some fundamental things and make it better than last year (although, realistically it won't take much). Call them resolutions, whatever. I'm an epic fail at keeping resolutions, so I'm just going to make a pledge to myself and my family. It's the same thing from year to year, but if it's not a "resolution" I might actually have a better chance at succeeding. These things are just common sense, and nearly everyone I know strives to improve their lives in the same exact areas. But, I feel if I actually say it out loud, it'll mean something more.

DIET: Yes, the old "new year new me". Yes, but no. I have not jumped on any diet bandwagon, or even been to the gym very much so far. But, I would like to do weekly meal planning, take my lunches to work, not go out to eat as often, and get to the gym regularly. That would go a long way toward accomplishing healthy eating, and also ties in with my 2nd pledge.

BUDGET: My reduction in pay has made a drastic difference in my bank account. As a result, I have to be very careful with what I do. Meal planning will allow me to sit and figure out a grocery list and coupons and all that (no, don't roll your eyes. I will *never* be one of those marathon coupon queens, but it's proven that you can save tons of money if you do it right). And, I want to get Steve to save as well. He's not very good at that and I would like to get him to try harder.

WORK: I have been in a constant state of "I Hate My Job" since September. I suppose that's not really fair, because I don't really hate my job, but it doesn't make me happy anymore. I do not look forward to going in because I know it'll be the same exact thing as yesterday. Hang new price changes. Count stuff. Scan in a vendor order or two. And tomorrow will be the same. And the day after. And the day after that. The things that I love to do, that I enjoy doing at work I am no longer allowed to do. So, I think it's time to find something else and finish the last chapter in this 10 year old book. I have applied for some new opportunities, including school. We shall see where this road will take me. And I will try to have a better attitude while I'm there. It's hard since our store is injured. We're collectively limping along, barely making it. I can honestly say I've never worked in a store with lower morale. I can only hope that this year improves that.

FAMILY: I love my family. I love Steve's family. I need to be close to people, and on the same hand, we need to make a concerted effort to see the family that we have here in town. My family is all far away (the closest being my dad, who's 2 hours away. It only gets worse from there), and as a result I think we should see Steve's family more often. We get complacent with our lives and our routine. Work, dinner, bed. We've got so many people close by that we love that we rarely see. And I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather not wait until it's too late. Life is too short to live in a bubble. Oh, and I want to get pregnant again this year. Expanding our family and the love that we have. That's big on my list.

I think that's enough for now. I think that If we're able to work on all of those things, I will be in a much better place. Physically and emotionally.

So, here's to another New Year! Cheers!

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