Friday, February 19, 2010

What *exactly* is in that sippy cup, anyway?!

So the other day it hit me while trying to get my daughter ready for bed. All of a sudden I completely understand why it's so freaking annoying to try and deal with an overtired/wound up toddler. I am going to share this revelation with you, dear friends.

Those of you with toddler age (or older) kids will laugh because you know it's true, and because it makes so much sense once you hear it! Those without kids, or with smaller babies, will laugh because it's funny, but you have yet to really grasp what I'm about to say. ::evil maniacal laugh::

Trying to handle a toddler in Active Sleep-avoidance Mode is not unlike dealing with a severely drunk person while you are still sober.

::waits for realization to take hold::


Seriously! I'm right! Go ahead, admit it! It makes complete sense now, doesn't it?

1. They cannot be reasoned with, and evidently lose their sense of hearing.
2. They think they're funny when they are soooo not.
3. They laugh hysterically and fall all over the place, and invade your personal space in the process.
4. They babble incoherent phrases and words that make no sense whatsoever, usually at very high volume.
5. They have no attention span at all (not like toddlers really do anyway, but whatever.)
6. They say inappropriate things and believe that it's cute.

I could go on, but you guys know what it's like, right?

To further prove my theory, tonight we went out to dinner (Sami and I) with some friends from my work. Sami started acting all crazy and all I could do is laugh. It was totally like she was drunk.

Sami: (making crazy babbling sounds like the Tazmanian Devil and jumping around in the booth)
Me: What are you doing?
S: (leans right into my face) MAMA! I have to poop! (kisses me smack on the lips)
Me: (raises eyebrows) Really? We just left the bathroom.
S: (crazy babbling noises) I'm gonna color now. Color!! Color!! Colorcolorcolorcolor.

I, naturally, had to check her chocolate milk to see if they hadn't spiked it with something. She was acting normal, even by her standards. All I could do was shake my head. I tried my best not to laugh, but I just couldn't help it. And, true to form, that just served to egg her on even more. Ridiculous.

So, I think the answer to this problem is quite obvious.

Drink heavily. That way, you can act as crazy as they are and it'll be funny!
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Sort of.

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  1. lol your revelation is hilarious!! I know exactly how you feel now lol! I used to hang out with this group of guys my sophomore year in college, and I would always be stone sober while they were drunk off their asses! And yes, I felt like their mother lol! She's too much! I can't wait to see you both on Skype sometime soon! :D