Monday, February 8, 2010

Parenting our way...

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So, I missed the First ADM Blog Hop because Somebody Who Shall Remain Nameless was hogging the computer every time I could feasibly sit down to blog. *grumbles* So anyhow, here goes.

This Week's Topic: What aspects of your parents' parenting do you want to continue in parenting your own kid(s)?

I love my parents. I am very close to them. My childhood was happy, and I grew up as a reasonably well adjusted child, even as a product of divorced/remarried parents. I got good grades (yes, they *could* have been better, but I was kind of lazy as far as that was concerned, lol), was in sports and activities, had a wonderful group of friends, a job, etc. But, they were also strict. I had a curfew of usually 10. I had chores. I had to keep my room clean. I got grounded for not following the rules (like calling if I was not coming straight home from school). We did things a certain way in our family that was routine to me, and apparently from an experience with a college boyfriend, alien to some others. ("What? You have to take out the trash AND LOAD THE DISHWASHER?!? Gad, you're treated like a slave!" And yes, he actually said that to me.) But, I was HAPPY. And I have so many wonderful memories and stories...I seriously wouldn't want it any other way. That being said, when I got to college and had fewer rules governing me, I kind of went bat-shit crazy. I was doing things that I never imagined I'd ever do at that point in my life. Drinking. Smoking. Sex. Skipping class. I was a crazy child.

The ONE thing I regret is that I didn't feel comfortable going to my parents with problems I had. This proved to be an issue in my college years. But, I'm working hard to not be so closed up. My mom says she knows if something's bothering me because I don't call for a few days. Good grief, I'm very transparent. lol. As far as my own kid(s) go, I want to be available for her to talk to me whenever. Whatever happens. I want her to be comfortable asking questions. All with the same loving atmosphere I grew up with. I refuse to be a helicopter parent. I want her to make her own decisions and mistakes, as long as they're not dangerous, obviously.

Right now, she is only 3 (soon-to-be-4) and we're pretty laid back. We take things as they come. We don't freak if she starts to sniffle. We've only been to the ER twice, and they were both for honest-to-goodness, blood gushing emergencies. However, the one problem I'm having is her attitude. She can be so defiant sometimes...and I'm just not sure if that's her personality (God help me), or if it's just a toddler stage. Oh, and she can be such a drama queen. I don't know what to do about that either. But, we're hands-on, and we're Parenting. Right or wrong, we're doing our best.

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  1. Trash AND dishes?? *gasp*!!! lol. Yeah I guess I was a slave too.